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Flooring Systems


Composite Flooring Products and systems for modern commercial and industrial, construction.

The Benefits of Comflor® Floor Decking are:

Speed: Large areas of deck can be rapidly craned into position - up to 400m2 laid by one team per day
Working Platform: Once fixed provides a platform for following trades
Construction Stage Bracing: Transfers wind-load from outer steelwork to the core thereby improving stability
Weight: Uses considerably less concrete than conventional reinforced concrete construction
Floor height: Composite floors are less deep than reinforced concrete
Tolerances: Comflor® deck can be cut to length on site
Fire: Up to 4 hours fire rating available
Services: Incorporate services easily, negating the requirement to fix into concrete
Fibre Concrete: can be used to replace anti-crack mesh resulting in further reduction in installation times of up to 20%
Openings easy to install
Manufactured with zinc coated steel to BSBS EN 10147:2000, Fe E 280G, Z275,
Compatible with all major design software: CADS / CSC / RAM / Masterseries


Comflor® Composite Floor Deck

Comflor® 46

  • - Typical unpropped span : 3.0m
  • - Up to 280N/m2 yield strength
  • - Coverwidth: 900mm
  • - Ultra efficient stackability for reduced transport costs

Comflor® 51

  • - Typical unpropped span : 3.0m
  • - 350N/m2 yield strength
  • - Coverwidth 610mm
  • - Wide trough allows for flexible and efficient fixing of shear studs
  • - Top flange of steel beam does not require fire protection - even for 2hr. Rating


Comflor® 60

  • - Typical unpropped span : 4.5m
  • - A yield strength of 350N/m2
  • - Central stud placement ensures correct positioning of stud placement
  • - 600mm coverwidth reduces sheet weight to facilitate easier handling and reduce health & safety risks
  • - Design results in improved span capabilities and reduced concrete usage

Comflor® 60 Closed Ends

Produced on line during the roll forming process, as an option. Ideal for single span construction, acoustic reduction, fire stopping or simply to avoid filler blocks.

Comflor® 80

  • - Typical unpropped span : 4.5 - 5.0
  • - High grade steel for yield strength of 450N/m
  • - Central stud placement - easier on-sit
  • - Ideal for Car-parks - with 25-micron flexible polyester coating

Comflor® 100

  • - Typical unpropped span: 4.5m
  • - High grade steel for yield strength of 350N/m2
  • - Can carry wet concrete loads to 4.5m without temporary propping
  • - Although a deep slab is required the trough depth results in efficient use of concrete
  • - Comflor Deep Floor Deck

Comflor Deep Floor Decks

Comflor® 210

  • - Can span up to 6m unpropped - no temporary propping
  • - Stackable shape - lower transport cost
  • - Position on lower beam flange results in reduced floor zone height

Slimdek 225

  • - Can span up to 6.5m unpropped
  • - Engineered floor solution results in reduced floor zone height for reduced building height
  • - or additional storey above 8 storey within same building height.
  • - Re-entrant section which offers superb structural strength & easy services attachment
  • - Fire properties - up to 2 hours with unprotected soffit

- FibreFlor Fibre Concrete Options

- Approved by all major concrete suppliers Tegral Fibreflor uses a combination of Fibermesh® 150 micro-synthetic fibres and Novocon FE1050 steel fibres to provide a 3 dimensional fibre reinforced concrete system that delivers exceptional performance

Permanent Formwork

F46 / F60 / F100

  • - Patrick Lynch Roof Cladding also supplies a range of permanent formwork decks. These decks are designed to support
  • - the weight of wet in-situ concrete in a non-composite manner and a construction load of 1.5kM/m2.
  • - Sheets are available in standard gauges of 0.9mm and 1.2mm and in Tegral F46mm, F60mm and F100mm profiles.